A visit to the Gables Breastfeeding Clinic allows assessment and management of feeding to occur in a private, comfortable and tranquil environment and we offer a range of tailorable breastfeeding services to suit all situations.

Being seen by Jane Radley, our resident Lactation Consultant ensures the assessment and ongoing care comes from an internationally-recognised level of education, experience and expertise which is superior to other providers.

A proven approach focused on you and your family

Jane recognises the emotional pressure surrounding pregnancy and new birth. Difficulties with breastfeeding can have a significant negative impact on the family.

Jane works hard with you to find solutions to these and methods are dedicated to relieving this.

Jane’s antenatal breastfeeding teaching is evidence-based. It provides a level of education which goes beyond standard antenatal teaching. The comprehensive, yet comprehensible, nature of this teaching will influence the likelihood of successful feeding.

Long-term success and long-term customers

Appropriate antenatal and/or immediate postnatal Lactation Consultant involvement facilitates positive long term breastfeeding success.

Having successfully helped hundreds of women over a 12 year period, Jane has both the practical skills, experience and empathic nature to optimise the success of each client.

Her nurturing nature has led to many clients employing her breastfeeding services with subsequent children over many years.

Client testimonials

The best solution and ongoing support

This dedicated clinic provides a range of breastfeeding services which are open to all, irrespective of their original, current or future thoughts regarding intention to breast feed.

No judgement is made on a family’s feeding choices. Jane works hard to facilitate a ‘best-available’ solution given the individual situation.

The support does not end at the first consultation. When being seen postnatally, a follow up phone contact allows optimisation of the skills learned at the first meeting, which all clients find beneficial.

Ongoing clinical reviews can be arranged for those who would benefit.

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