Gables Breastfeeding Clinic offers a dedicated, comprehensive and holistic service to families looking for practical, effective advice and breastfeeding help.

Run by Jane Radley, a qualified and experienced Lactation Consultant, the Clinic is set in a calming, homely environment.

Jane’s sensitive, empathic approach to both babies and parents, ensures a relaxed consultation.

How Jane will help you

Whether visiting antenatally or postnatally, Jane ensures that all families are treated as individuals. Each family has different feeding goals.

The consultation room at Gables Breastfeeding Clinic

To help achieve these goals, Jane provides specific and evidence-based solutions that are applicable to the family.

All the support you need

Practical techniques to optimise the feeding experience are guaranteed.

A comprehensive and easy to follow feeding plan is provided. This can be monitored and amended as clinically indicated.

Post-consultation telephone contact ensures ongoing expert oversight and everything you need to help with breastfeeding.